My Movement Manifesto

My Movement Manifesto

1) I will support a movement that is governed by true democracy not supermajorities in which small minorities always win:

a) By making spaces for people who work, are raising families, going to school and can’t attend hours long meetings during the day and evening.

b) Openly declare leadership’s rights and responsibilities and do not support stealth leadership.

c) Hold discussions that are not “gladiatorial” in nature where your views are simply voted/shouted up or down and where analysis is deep and takes its time.

d) Recognize that consensus only works for groups which have foundational agreements and are fairly homogeneous and does not work for those who are not in agreement on principles.

2) I will support a movement that believes in non-violence as both a tactic and a principle and does not shy away from singing kumbaya at every opportunity.

3) I will support a movement that recognizes the needs of working people to go about their lives as they see fit. I will make an exception to this rule not more than twice a year (3 times? oh heck, this is really hard).

4) I will support a movement that does not make assumptions about other people’s needs (for instance to go about their lives:driving kids to school, opening up shop on my street without threat of destruction by me, going out to dinner with their friends, getting to work, coming home to a non-helicopter, non-tear gas evening.) I will accept blame if I am complicit in preventing these activities. I will apologize and seek other methods of resistance.

5) I will support a movement that humbly reaches out to those it professes to serve and ask, “are we of any service to you, if not, why not, then, how can we be?”

6) I will support a movement that studies the history and backgrounds of the place it seeks to change and reflects on those who have gone before and are still in the struggle. In other words,

7) I will support a movement that honors those who have worked (and continue to)for social justice and seeks to learn how they failed (as, of course, to a great extent we have.)

8) I will support a movement that also honors previous decisions that have been democratically arrived at, such as the election of local officials, while never abdicating my right to challenge them in a reality based way, see number 6).

9) I will support a movement where smokers agree that second hand smoke is indeed a threat to health and f——-g don’t smoke around me (whoops, sorry, lost my cool there for a minute, musta been the smoke.)

10) I will support a movement that doesn’t cause damage to the already thin threads of our community’s existence either by dividing them in anger, wasting precious financial resources, or wasting their g-damn time.

11) I will support a movement that recognizes why the ends don’t justify the means; they just become the ends.

More simply, yeah, you had to read all this way to get to the simple part –but thank you for that-

12) I will support a movement that recognizes the truth and beauty of the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

6 Comments on "My Movement Manifesto"

  1. Annie in Westcliffe CO | February 2, 2012 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    A Manifesto for all to live by!!

  2. Me too!!! Thank you Pamela Drake.

  3. Matthew Hallinan | February 3, 2012 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    Right on Pamela: a good heart, common sense, and a lot of experience – wisdom.

  4. Thanks Pam, once again. I’m with you, although I recognize that people will undoubtedly be inconvenienced on occasion. But never deliberately. Katy

  5. thanks pam, again i value your thoughtfullness. katy

  6. Old Oaklander | March 21, 2012 at 6:19 pm | Reply

    Thanks, Pamela. Very eloquent and so true!

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