Lakeshore Lessons in Creativity and Reuse

Linda Hubbard's handmade, recycled paper bag flowers

Linda Hubbard’s handmade, recycled paper bag flowers

If you’ve ever marveled at the wonderful window displays at Silver Moon Kids, you might be curious to know who creates that delicious whimsy. If you were to pass by now, you’d be blown away by the huge colorful “flowers” sharing the window with the children’s clothes, stuffed animals, and toys.

Her name is Linda Hubbard and she is the owner, Dima Hart’s, mom. She is a self-taught artist and window designer. Once upon a time she studied art in college but never finished, dropping out to be a self-described hippy. Later, Linda got a master’s in speech therapy and worked in that field until retirement, forgoing her art. About a decade ago, she picked up the brush again and began to paint. Around the time of Linda’s retirement, Dima opened her Lakeshore store-her former store was on Grand Avenue and for a short time, we were merchant neighbors.

Since then Linda has helped set up the store, painted the fairy mural on the back wall and come up with fanciful designs to showcase the store’s merchandise. Perhaps you remember the beautifully handmade heart for Valentine’s Day? But this month, she has outdone herself. I asked her how she did it.Linda's paper heart

Like any modern woman, she got the idea from a you tube video that described making giant flowers from old paper grocery bags! For these flowers she used recycled Trader Joe’s and Monterey Market bags, tweaking the shape and number of petals and using no VOC (volatile organic compounds-no outgassing-and safe around children) paints. She says it took her about a month to make them working a few hours a day. Repurposed paper bags being painted

When I had my shop on Grand I often sold art from recycled objects, many from my own hand, and encouraged people, mostly women, to take a chance, especially with paint! I’d buy mixed tints that are sold for less or given away at most paint or hardware stores because they did not come out exactly the way the original buyers wanted them. Then I mix them with more paints and voila, I paint whatever gets in my way and paint over it if I don’t like it. I painted bricks on my concrete patio in lieu of installing expensive stonework. I use cheap acrylics and repaint them every couple of years. This year I am contemplating over painting them with glow-in-the-dark paint. I’ll let you know how that comes out soon. Cat walking on "bricks"

So, go see the wonderful windows in this charming store. Chat with Linda the next time you see her in the window, then go out and try something yourself. We may not all be as creative as Linda and Dima (by the way, Linda says the best part of doing this is working with her daughter), but we can have fun trying.

Not available in the store.

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