Allan Brill-Why I am Voting for Oakland Mayor Jean Quan-Guest Blog

Long time community and political activist Allan Brill wrote this to his neighborhood listserve.

Dear Friends,

It upsets me that some candidates are filling up the list-serves attempting to position themselves as “The Effective Law and Order Candidate for Mayor.” So I will address this important issue now.

When the muggings and burglaries were up in our neighborhood during her first 2 years, Mayor Quan was the target (mostly from a few outspoken folks who have always been against her). Now that the Mayor’s police reform, academies cranking out new officers from Oakland, successful youth employment/after school programs, community engagement initiatives, and various targeted crime prevention programs including Operation Ceasefire have substantially reduced violent crime (shootings down 19%, murders down 30 % in one year), residential burglaries (down 32% in one year), robberies (down 37% in one year), etc., these same neighbors can’t give credit where it is due.

I’ve had strong differences with Mayor Quan on a number of issues, and have organized against some initiatives where I thought the policy was off base.

Yet during my 30 years in this neighborhood, I’ve watched the performance of many politicians. Where were the critics when the Mayor Brown/Libby Schaaf team had 148 murders in one year (2006) of the Brown team’s administration, giving Oakland the rep as the world’s murder capitol? What about Brown/Schaaf not doing much of anything to meet the police reform court ordered directives poising Oakland PD for federal receivership (they left us with 22 ignored items decreed by the courts!). Now Quan’s reformed PD needs only 5 more changes completed, and at this point rogue police shootings hardly ever happen. Casting that Brown era, with Libby Schaaf as the administrator of his programs, as the “good old days” lacks historical perspective and common sense, IMHO. So check out this short youtube piece for more facts:

Quan’s programs will result in less than half of those 148 lives lost this year, and we see the resultant benefits to our neighborhoods from the dramatic crime drop in all areas. Yet some politicians and their minions are demanding “a change in leadership and a new direction”. Noel Gallo, our premier “law and order” City Councilmember, strongly supports and is actively campaigning for Quan precisely because of her initiatives in this area that are paying off big time in his home neighborhoods. Our OUSD School Board Member Rosie Torres sees the impact in our schools, and is also campaigning for the Mayor and her programs.

Take 2 minutes and check out this link, but please wait until the first video replays and the second video comes up:

Now it’s your turn to decide.

Allan on Townsend

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