Breaking:Oakland City Attorney Advises Gutting Police Commission



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City Attorney Gives Commission Away to OPOA


Oakland — Today, the Coalition for Police Accountability learned that City Attorney Barbara Parker advised the Oakland City Council to gut the proposed charter amendment for an independent police commission. Parker’s advice was prompted by pressure from the Oakland Police Officers Association (OPOA) who have historically, obstructed any oversight of the police department.


The Coalition, anticipating this eventuality, has already filed a legal brief with the Mayor, City Attorney, and the City Council explaining that the provisions of the charter amendment are not subject to OPOA Meet and Confer obligations because they are not within the scope of employment. It is not surprising that OPOA would do everything in their power to protect their interests, what is surprising is that the City Attorney would provide faulty advice. The council is not obligated to heed the advice of its attorney, and we challenge them, as policy makers, to listen to community and place a strong independent police commission on the November ballot.


Reform of OPD is one of the hottest topics in the city today. We will be taking these issues to Temple Sina’i at 2808 Summit Street, in Oakland tonight at 6:00 pm where four local journalists will be on a panel discussing local hot topics. We are asking all concerned community members to turn out on Tuesday, July 26th at 5:30 p.m. to the Special City Council Meeting where this item will be decided.

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  1. Given the bullying tone of politics these days, the City Attorney (if the case law on municipal employer management prerogatives and a City’s power to set and re-organize its government and set policy is not enough for her) should channel her inner bully-detector. For me, there’s no difference between Donld Trump’s bullying and the OPOA’s. Bully’s bully when the facts are not on their side…..

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