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We have updated our site to make it more attractive and easier to find your favorite article or voter guide. As part of our service, we will continue to take guest blogs that pertain to topics and points of view that we want to learn more about. Placing these is free, just email me at We retain the right (to attempt) to edit for brevity and clarity.

Advertising Policy

Drake Talk Oakland is excited to announce that we will now be taking display ads.  Our policy is to take advertising from those folks or organizations without regard to our personal endorsements or positions so long as the ads are fact-based. and are not attacks directed at a person or a group of people.

We take as a necessary starting point–when dealing with neighbors and constituents within our local and even state arena–that those with whom we disagree are (likely) well-intentioned but with differing experiences, backgrounds and visions for our collective future. [Unfortunately, in national politics, one side of the arena is fully armed against the majority, and the arc bending toward justice seems to have stretched out to somewhere on the far horizon so that’s a different story.]

Advertise Your Measure or Candidate

Given the excitement for local candidates and measures, we hope that some of you will take advantage of this period to catch the thousands of our readers’ views as they search for information on the upcoming local, state and federal elections.

Advertise Your Local Business

Additionally, we very much want to promote our small local businesses at a reasonable rate to our discerning audience. The holidays are approaching, and retail folk are already in gear, so please get in touch with us– for our low rates. We take Paypal, Venmo  or check.

Contact us by email or use the contact page on the blog. Currently we offer sidebar ads and banner ads on the footer and on blog posts. Prices start at $40 a week and generally run for a minimum of 4 weeks (28 days).

Coming soon—complete voter guide to local, state and federal offices and propositions. Everything you wanted to know but didn’t remember to ask before heading to the polls.

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