Running for President
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I know I already declared in a tweet that I would not run but like many unsuccessful presidents, I’m just going to delete it and then pretend I didn’t say it at all. So in my presidential campaign, I would start by ignoring the Punditocracy’s meaningless declarations by embracing the so-called Left and Center Right in a big bruising hug. Let’s say I am running so I can end this tense-pretense that the English language just doesn’t handle well.

My slogans:

Instead of the GOP’s version of childcare otherwise known as kennels4kids, we will provide high quality childcare for our high quality kids that’s a real America First program. We’ll take the money from bombing little children in Yemen and create ChildCare4All with plenty left over for HigherEd4All. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to go to college just to get a BA in marketing or some non-academic field. How about trade school for women and men who want to make a lot of money without all that time worrying about campus rape.

Construction Trades Want You!

Did you know that Elevator Mechanics/Technicians make a median salary of $79,480 a year? Yes, it’s a long apprenticeship-during which you get paid– but worth it if you like physical work that emphasizes your problem solving skills. So likewise, if you want to learn how to market everything that we sell-and we sell everything-one or two years of coursework and a summer job cold calling for any company, should prepare you.

America’s Business Is Small Business

Or how to make capitalism work for all of us by creating state banks that fund entrepreneurship, providing capital for those with skills and the desire to reinvent themselves. This bank doesn’t make you wait until your daddy gives you money or you go broke twice, to assist you with some basic capital to get started and keep you going-particularly if you’re a member of a group that most banks have red-lined either by geography, race, gender or national origin (you shouldn’t have to wait till you have citizenship papers either since we know many immigrants work hard at start-up businesses that provide useful products.)

Defund the Prison Industrial Complex

Lots of small towns depend on prisons in the same way they used to depend on local factories. When those went away, prisons, both public and private, were dangled in front of them as businesses that offered secure jobs. We can build public transit systems, solar panels, and electric cars instead once we have a public banking system that leverages our tax dollars for these very necessary investments.


Reliable, affordable public transportation is as important as affordable housing. Americans including children and grandmas can’t engage in the economy without a safe, reasonable way to get out of their homes and their neighborhoods to jobs, schools, recreation, shopping and just visiting with friends. Transit is a necessary ingredient to opportunity..


singapore housing

There are some countries, interestingly as different as Singapore and Germany, where middle class as well as working class families (you figure out the difference, in this country we routinely mash them together) can live well in public housing. Turns out, it doesn’t have to be a stripped-down, rat-filled existence. Public housing can provide modern safe communities for lots of us

But No Double Wides

Of course, you might not have space for that double wide fridge and professional stove, you know, the one with 6 burners that no one uses. Like many more crowded countries-rather than providing outdoor space for a huge mechanized barbecue-you might enjoy life in the public square with friends and family a little more.


Now the Center Right/Center Left divide seems to come down here and here I’m okay with whatever version we can work out that gets us to a government funded healthcare system now or later. Judging from what happened during the run-up to functionality that Obamacare almost caved in under, I’d say, shore up O’care, fund a public option and work slowly enough to bring folks along to the full monty. That’s the way it’s gonna happen anyway. Our system is too balkanized and dysfunctional to turn around in a couple shor years. People are scared to death of losing any coverage they have and there are lots of jobs in the industry that have to be moved to the public sector. It won’t happen overnight.

I do like Rep Pramilla Jayapal’s new Medicare-for-All plan but as Vox points out in this article- –

it doesn’t come with a way to pay for it. While ultimately, we spend more per family on the inadequate plans most of us have, California’s failed SB562 campaign proved to us the hard way that you have to get out in front of insurance companies’ PR onslaught unless you want a tsunami of bad press to crush your single payer hopes.

Climate Castastrophes ‘R Us

If you lived in much of California last November, you watched while the Golden State took on a dirty amber hue and people everywhere were searching for safe places just to breathe. None of our local goverments much less our Democratic-Party-led state government were there to help except to tell us that we should wear masks and stay inside.

So my final talking point is, it’s the Ecology Stupid

Preserve the Planet4OurKids

If you want young people to vote for you, you’ll have to address the inequality of opportunity, the lack of housing and healthcare, plus good childcare but first you must address the looming climate crisis.

The Green New Deal might scare corporate contributors or dairymen but to most of the generation facing disaster, it proposes the kind of grandiose response that this crisis demands. It’s a concept that is energizing people’s creative juices and encouraging innovative responses. So get on the electric/hydropowered bus, old timey Democrats or the only seats left will be the ones in the back.

So, yeah, I think we need to turn this discussion on its pointy head and realize we have to take the whole enchilada on at once. No mealy mouthed centrist answers, no respectabily politics, no-I-dont-see-color folks need apply. These not only won’t excite the base-a base much larger than any the GOP can ever hope to see again-it won’t win the race, and it won’t save America much less the planet.

Even the Kamala Harris’, a younger more colorful version of the old Centrist politics, the Corey Bookers, venture capitalist-types, the Klobuchar, no-free-college types and yeah, especially the old white guys from Bernie to Biden, don’t have what it takes. My beloved Elizabeth, who has a plan to remedy the economic divide, is not likely going to make it either.

Realistically, one of the above will get the nomination or maybe a dark horse like Sherrod Brown or Governor-what’s-his-name Jay Inslee can excite our diverse base but whoever it is needs to find someone to run with, like our freshwomen Congress people, to get voters to go door-to-door for them day in and day out-

They’re so many exciting new politicians starting with but not limited to AOC, look at them, listen to them, I have so many favorites, I won’t bother to name them all but they have what it takes. With their energy, enthusiasm and empathy, someone with a little wisdom might know how to let her or him lead us all to the White House and beyond.

______________________________________________________________________________Now for some stats to back up the slogans for my faux campaign-

Jeff Parker,

The average family spent over $10k in 2017.
“premiums for individual coverage averaged $321 per month while premiums for family plans averaged $833 per month. The average annual deductible for individual plans was $4,358 and the average deductible for family plans was $7,983.”

And the average family or the median family (whatever that is) spends $693 permonth on one child in daycare.

So now add what the average grad with a $30k loan which of course does not include grad school, which is almost necessary for career growth, is-ta da-$304 a month for years.

And now for the kick in the teeth- according to the Motley Fool, last year the average family spent$1574 a month on rent or mortgage plus related expenses. Ha, maybe they live in the Ozarks, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it might become the latest hipster haven any minute now, but no one I know, even lucky home owners spends that little.

[What I love about the above article is that it includes a Reading Expense category but I digress.]

Maybe you see what I, possible presidential candidate, am getting at here. Everyone who proposes Medicare4All or tuition free college gets hit with, but what does it cost? Will people in this country be willing to pay higher taxes like civilized countries do and, that is what we are talking about-living in a modern civilized society- that requires modern civilized transport, housing, healthcare, education and an immediate plan to save the planet.

You can add all these expenses up, even as underestimated as they are and ask folks if they’d trade these expenditures for something similar in taxes so that their grandmas and their children can live in a civilized society. But there’s one more chart to look at before they yell that they want it for themselves but not for the “unworthy.” That is this [maybe there is a choice here]

Ok, I’m done. Who’s running? [Welp, just heard that Sherrod Brown is out which I think is too bad. Maybe I should jump in?]

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