Beating Trump, Who, What, How

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Super Tuesday-Vote Your Fave not Your Pundit’s Choice!

There’s been so much said about the first primary and caucuses, that some candidates are being told to go home already. We’re also being told that it might be a brokered convention and wouldn’t that be scary? Wow, so much punditry, so little information.

This year is like no other, we hear, yet everyone is trying to predict or decide how to vote based on the past but one thing is still true-passion for a candidate or their policies will move voters to campaign! Because-

Voting is not enough, it’s never enough.

If you’re not *dialing *texting *walking and/or *donating,

You’re not exercising your rights and most of all, you’re not being effective!

My Choice

In 2016 I saw Bernie as a fresh idea despite his age and how long he had been espoursing those beliefs. After all these same programs have been succeeding around the world for decades but are still unknown here (where the majority of Americans have never visited another country). I doubted he could win and, I know, lots of folks thought he was robbed but I could not find evidence of that.

But after Black Lives Matter advocates approached him and his initial reaction was petulance and denial, I began to doubt his understanding of how our country works. Ultimately he learned to talk the talk and I voted for him in the primary, then Hillary in the fall.

Warren Declares

When Elizabeth Warren, who I had been watching on the Daily Show, and who after Obama had chickened out, not appointing her to lead the organization she designed and fought for, the Counsumer Financial Protection Bureau, won a Senate seat, I cheered. I saw her take on Trump and the whole GOP cabal first and was ready to support her when she announced.

Then Bernie re-emerged and announced that despite his age and any leftover regrets from 2016, would run, I admit, I dismissed his campaign and here’s why:

Still to this day, I don’t believe Bernie has a serious analysis on how race and gender affect a person’s life outcomes in the US. No, a class analysis is not enough. No Black person and no Non-white person is safe from the degradations of our system, whether it’s applying for a job, a mortgage, or walking down the street much less driving, shopping, sleeping, whatever, you are Black first and constantly subject to the deep-seated, pervasive racism that exists here.

Beyond individual attitudes, Jim Crow is alive and well in our country. You’ve seen the videos, the torch parades, the stats. If you haven’t, then you don’t want to know. Elizabeth has listened, learned and designed a plan that ranks no. 1 on the Roots list-

No one has ever been able to show me that Bernie really does get or care as much about the issues of race and gender as Elizabeth does, given that Kamala and Corey are no longer in the fight. Julian Castro was the most progressive of the candidates of color and he is supporting Elizabeth.

As for women, our society, despite it’s seeming progressive attitude towards women’s rights, still can’t pass an Equal Rights Amendment-just a statement that gender should not be the basis for how we are treated!

So here we have a smart, progressive, pragmatic woman who can parry back at the most outrageous charges, who has plans that show paths to equity for all sectors of our economy, who is warm, yet tough & witty, and a fighter who will also kneel to children and listen to everyone’s concerns. Why would I not choose her?

Warren is not perfect or pure, neither is Bernie and certainly not the well-trained and imitative Buttigieg or the guy who demolished Anita Hills’ life as surely as Clarence Thomas did while fighting for the Iraq War and the Crime Bill. Klobuchar is a woman who likes to denigrate those of us who believe that we can have nice things. Oh yeah, then there’s Mike the Republican who just can’t help believing that rich makes right, uh no.

Rolling Back the GOP in 2018

We did not stop Trump in 2018 but without the overwhelming House victories that year, god only knows where we’d be-at war with Iraq, massive social security cuts, camps for dissidents? I don’t want to contemplate it but we did win because women came out of their city condos and apartments, suburban homes and city councils, advocacy organizations, low paid jobs and got organized. They ran and they mostly won, many of them Women-of Color.

Women care about children and jobs but they also care about climate change and LGBTQ rights, criminal justice reform and gun control. They came out and fought for all that.

Women do the Work

It’s true. We take low paid campaign jobs, we volunteer and as has been noted, Black women put in an extraordinary amount of work in Democratic campaigns. Try to win without them!

Hillary Was Qualified

I supported Obama against Clinton, and then I voted for Bernie in the primary, but I felt personally aggrieved when Hillary was trashed in the last campaign 1) by crappy press coverage of her emails, 2) James Comey 3) Bernie supporters who yelled they’d been robbed when they’d simply lost.

It was interesting to me that the only way a woman could run was to be superqualified which can also mean, lots of baggage. Admittedly like Ebeneezer Scrooge, HRC trundeld around with her own chains of bad decisions and misstatements but every candidate who’s accomplished much has those, still she was well-equipped and did not get the respect many of us believed she was due. Then she lost. And now_

Women are Ready to Take Charge

But we’re being told by similar minded progressives anything and everything from-oh, she was once a Republican (yeah she was once not interested in politics either but she has grown and learned, she is always growing and learning), she made stupid comments about non-existant Native American heritage to….

She should just get out of the way which sounds a lot like-she should cede to her betters, men, one man in particular. So my advice—-if you wanna harness the considerable energy of that segment of the population who invented multi-tasking—-do not try and short circuit the process and on pain of losing-

Do Not Disparage Elizabeth

Many of us love her and see similar goals to those of Bernie’s. We seethe when some of his supporters spend more time trashing other Dems, partidularly her, than preparing to run against Trump. Do Not (any longer) Make This Mistake!

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear

Those of us old enough to remember Tricky Dick (google it if you don’t) wince at that phrase- but let me try it anyway. I believe we can have nice things! We are wealthy and productive folks. Unfortunately, we’re no longer that well-educated and yes, Cuba does have a higher literacy rate. (Is it smart for Bernie to say those things, probably not but I can’t help but smile when he does.) But we can fix that too.

We don’t really know that folks won’t vote for universal healthcare, college for themselves and their kids that won’t cripple their futures, a real struggle against climate change and an administration that understands that 99.9% of us need sanctuary from the degrations of this current regime. Maybe we all will vote for those things and if you wanna know how it might all work, well, ya know, Elizabeth has a plan for each and every one of them.

And if you think Biden, the guy whose spent most of his life shilling for credit card companies, is a good candidate, check this clip-

Bernie Can Win

Given the percentage of the population that is female and our desire to see a effective and well-prepared woman candidate, it’s a shame if we turn aside such a woman. But if we do, let it be Bernie and let him have the good sense to hire lots of passionate smart women to campaign for him. His campaign will require our support, our energy, and our clear thinking on what America’s communities need!

Meanswhile, come to 9th and Alice in Oakland, the Elizabeth Warren local headquarters, lots left to do before Super Tuesday!

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  1. Thank you for this smart analysis. I’m voting in the Dems Abroad Primary which, who knew?, sends
    delegates to the convention just like any other state and my vote goes a long way here.
    I’m glad you didn’t talk yourself into taking “a break” from your blog.
    Your words are treasured over here.

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