The Coalition for Police Accountability Endorses Elias Ferran for Oakland City Attorney!*

Press Advisory

September 1

The Coalition for Police Accountability that brought 2016’s Measure LL, an independent Police Commission and investigative arm, to the ballot is endorsing former city attorney, Eli Ferran, over the incumbent as a proponent of transparency for an office that few voters understand, and that we hope will reverse the office’s oppositional stance toward the independence of the police oversight board. He believes that the voters’ will-83% of voters supported the measure-which Parker’s office had a hand in writing but then placed obstacles in front of its operational capabilities, should be honored.

Meet and Confer Expanded by Parker

Attorney Ferran stated he will implement a zero-tolerance policy for various types of misconduct, including investigating police misconduct. CPA believes that Ferran will end the illegitimate practice of using the “meet and confer” rules to expand the rights of the Oakland Police Officers’ Association, OPOA, to be granted final say on matters that are routinely outside the scope of representation.

In other words, the incumbent routinely allows the OPOA to influence specific policies regarding their own oversight and how discipline may be implemented. Parker has seemingly invited the fox into the henhouse under cover of darkness-allowing closed door meetings-to determine how city policies are written on a vast array of issues that do not affect conditions of work. Policies are the bailiwick of the legislative body, the Oakland City Council, not the police union.

CPA objectives that Eli Ferran Supports:

  • The City Attorney’s Office, CAO, will work with the Department of Race and Equity to identify legislation and policies that perpetuate structural racism across City services and programs in order to eliminate them.
  • Provide a robust racial equity training for all staff to better ground the CAO’s work in racial equity and social and economic justice.
  • Reevaluate the CAO’s equity metrics to ensure that it shifts its emphasis from punitive measures to restorative justice. Ferran says, “If we are intent on creating a more just and equitable Oakland, we have to make sure the City’s policies are not inadvertently adding to the burden already experienced by our communities, especially low-income people of color.”

Neighborhood Law Corps

And, as Rashidah Grinage of the Coalition says, “Eli Ferran has committed to promoting the Neighborhood Law Corps, a division of the City Attorney’s Office that provides legal assistance to meet community needs, so that residents will be aware of it and to easily access its services.”

We believe that Eli Ferran will be the people’s attorney and will bring greater efficiency, community engagement and transparency to the office of the City Attorney of Oakland. We are pleased to endorse his candidacy!

            *Coalition members which are 501 c 3 organizations have abstained from this endorsement.

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