Alameda County and Oakland Ballot Measures

County Measures

W-Yes, yes– It’s a .5 cents increase in our sales tax for 10 years. Yes, we know it’s regressive and hard on some retail businesses, but it’s the only way to quickly raise funds for this horrifying emergency that we have become too used to-homelessness, houseless folks, people bedding down on the sidewalks, in the parks, on freeway onramps, in their cars, no sanitation, no safe cooking, no life worth enduring! It’s an extraordinary measure for an extraordinary time. It can provide up to $150 mil a year for housing and services. Can we do less as humans who share this community?

V-yes-an extension of the existing 6.5% utility users’ tax in the unincorporated areas, similar to what cities are paying.

X-yes– $90 million dollar bond to upgrade county fire stations in the unincorporated areas. Fire safety, any questions?

City of Oakland Measures

Measure S1-Yes, yes, yes- When the original Police Commission measure overwhelmingly passed, the current administration picked away at it’s loopholes til it had reduced it’s independence significantly.

The new measure will firmly establish an Office of Inspector General, access to police files necessary for investigations and independent counsel so that the volunteer commission can truly reform our department which has remained under costly federal oversight these last 17 years.

Measure RR-yes- Our current level of fines for code compliance violations are not high enough to discourage regular illegal dumping, etc. Raises the cap.

Measure QQ- yes-Allowing Persons Aged 16 and 17 to Vote for their School Board Director.

Measure Y-yes, I guess. Our schools need upgraded facilities which this bond provides for. However, the oversight has been lax on former projects. Still, this work is desperately needed!

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