My 2 Minute Statement for the Bas Post Pandemic Budget

We have a chance to begin to end the cycle of violence, fear, retribution, fear and violence now and we must take it.We must fund MACRO and give it a chance to work-remembering that more will be expected of it than policing.

When policing fails to prevent or solve crimes, as it inevitably does, we respond by giving them more money which so far has not worked well.I heard our DVP Chief Cespedes speak at the vigil at the Lake and he said we have the talent and brains to find solutions to cure our terrible violence and we do. Give his department enough funds to try.

And remember to fund the parks like Montclair (where my grandson rides the swings) and Arroyo Viejo, where my son played Babe Ruth and the 88th ave minipark,etc. Not maintainiing our parks is a slap in the face to the neighborhoods who depend upon them. It’s the ultimate disrespect.

When it comes to police recruitment, we’re clearly doing it wrong. Let the Dept of Violence Prevention work with the Police Commission and our new chief to design a recruitment process that works. I believe that if our department comesa out of federal oversight, that would be the greatest tool for recruitment and retention.Don’t let the opportunity that the horror of the plague and its aftermath has provided to do things differently.

There is money for programs for our youth and will be more money for policing from the feds. There must be funds for our houseless citizens so that they can maintain some sense of dignity! We should spend both wisely by investing in ourselves.

Thank you for all you do.

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