About Pamela Drake

Pamela has lived in the Bay Area since the late 60’s when she was an activist at San Francisco State College during the strike for Ethnic Studies. In 1973, when she was a BART train operator, she moved to Oakland where she began her family and stayed on after her divorce raising her 2 children as a single mom.
She has worked for 2 council members, been a member of the Alameda County Labor Council, a teacher of middle and adult school, a shop owner and is currently an elected member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee while running a local Business Improvement District.
She promotes her various causes using photography, videos and social media.

2 thoughts on “About Pamela Drake

  1. Hi Pamela- I met you sitting outside of Peet’s on Lakeshore last week. I am interested in participating in a group effort to organize political action on the issue of affordable housing and progressive sustainable development in Oakland. I look forward to meeting with you again.
    – Leigh McDougall – Inner Energy Transformation- http://www.evolvingsoul.com

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