National Politics

Beating Trump, Who, What, How

This year is like no other, we hear, yet everyone is trying to predict or decide how to vote based on the past but one thing is still true-passion for a candidate or their policies will move voters to campaign! Because-

Space Invaders Demand Answers in Oakland

“We’ve come to the Bay Area, Oakland in particular, because you all have a reputation for progressive thoughtfulness, but um, hmmm, we don’t know how to say this, there seem to be crowds of people living in tents and shacks on sidewalks and empty lots …”

The Glibness of Outrage

In utter frustration, former Republican pundit Nicolle Wallace, on her MSNBC show, recently said, I’m paraphrasing, why are we not marching on the detention centers,…

Running for President

Cartoon by Maxine I know I already declared in a tweet that I would not run but like many unsuccessful presidents, I’m just going to…