The Disinformation Campaign of Mayor Schaaf

Schaafanigans I wrote this blog months ago but it needs updating as this mayor continues her version of shenanigans-Schaafanigans-in a most shameful way. Scroll to…

How I Spent my Christmas Vacation-in the the 90’s

I had closed my own little vintage clothing, local art and quirky kitsch shop just a few months before. I thought it would be fun to work in a store again as I have worked many a Christmas retail gig, shoppers, decorations, hubub, yeah I like a bit of brightly colored chaos at the holidays.

Elections Come Home to Roost–Oakland to the World

Nowhere did the Left show its power to assert equity and accountability like Oakland with the possible exception of the entire state of Georgia-a place where I’ve spent many months this year and I never thought I’d say this–it was nothing short of miraculous!

Vote Yes on Prop 25 to End Money Bail!

I cannot believe we as a state would pass up a chance to change the money bail system-with the caveat that the algorithm be changed if we do not see a much reduced number of poor folks in pretrial detention