Stop Talking about Looting

Cartoon by Steve Sack Minneapolis Star Tribune Got your attention, eh? So am I pro-looting or anti? Is that a stupid question or what–no, I’m…

The Police Commission, Rumors & a Tale of Two Cities

In any case, the way you, dear voter, responded to the mayor’s assertions about the Police Commission probably had more to do with where you live and/or what color you are-or how carefully you digest local news-than anything else. We still live in a divided city even including the added complexities of gentrification.

Press Advisory, January 2021-The First 10 Days

After consulting Nostradamus and following the instructions of the television show “Timeless”, then abetted by a fever dream brought on by prophylactic doses of hydroxychloroquine,…

Beating Trump, Who, What, How

This year is like no other, we hear, yet everyone is trying to predict or decide how to vote based on the past but one thing is still true-passion for a candidate or their policies will move voters to campaign! Because-